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[Gruzlo Interview] Episode 2 Starring “KINGSBOI” Of Insight Music

So we got caught up with “Kingsboi” of insight music and we decided to have a little chit chat with him.
Gruzlo: Bad Man Kingsboi, How you doin bro?
KingsBoi: nau nau, I’m okay
Gruzlo: Tell us a about yourself bro?
KingsBoi: Alright ,my names are Kingsley Uchenna Ehilgebu,am from Abia state,the second and only boy,from a family of 4 excluding my dad,who is late..
Gruzlo: How did the name “KingsBoi” come up?KingsBoi: Like I said,my name is kingsley,so I took off the “ley” n replaced it with “Boi”which i define as child of God, that’s how the name came up. Continue reading

[Gruzlo Interview] Episode 1 Starring “KIDO” Of MMM Recordz



So we got a chance to have a brief interview with M.M.M Recordz(owned by Mikel Obi) Finest “KIDO” , also Karen Igho’s Younger Brother.

So Bro Wassup ?
Am Good bruv

How’s the hustle going ?
All fresh just steady on the Grind

So Tell Us About The Highly anticipated “MMM Recordz” ?
We Dope like that ….

Are there other MMM artists we need to know about?
Yea , Charass , Mr Jay , N02 and Edgar the C.E.O mikel Obi’s bro
Is there a special genre of Continue reading

Mr Mitchell: My Bestfriend’s Father (EROTIC)

Okay, so I knew exactly what I was doing, what I wanted! And that it was totally wrong! I was well aware that Ash, my best friend had already left with her mom for summer vacation. She was going all the way to Atlanta to see her grandparents. To make matters worse my boyfriend Cooper was away for a basketball training camp, I was seriously bummed, bored and completely horny.

I smoothed a hand over my mini skirt and rearranged my tits. I smiled, catching my reflection, I looked super-hot. I’d always had a crush on Ashley’s dad, Mr Mitchell was so masculine, sandy hair and hazel green eyes. Mmmm…think David Beckham in a suit!

That’s who Mr Mitchell reminded me of; I even stuck a picture of David Beckham on my wall just so it wasn’t obvious who I had the crush on.

I had the feeling that Mr Mitchell liked me too, more than just his daughters friends kind of way Continue reading

Beautiful Yoruba Diva

I know we often hear this : “UNILAG girls have shakara” but to be honest, this is not always the case. If you like a girl, the reputation of her school/schoolmates shouldn’t deter you from going after her. This post is not limited to Unilag guys, girls or even students alone.As a universal rule most information in this post is useful to a wide range of people.Before I go into the main point I’ll like to debunk some falsities about Unilag girls that the general public believes:

1. Not all Unilag girls are aristos.

2. We won’t have sex with you if you buy us sharwarma or Chicken and Chips.

Now for all you young men looking to start/keep a long-term relationship with a Unilag girl or any other girl for that matter, pay attention to the following points below.


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(EVENT) – MMM (Meet, Match, Make)

M.M.M (Meet, Match & Make)

Location:32 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Venue:Ember Creek, Ikoyi
Length:10:00 pm – 05:00 am
Buy Tickets


>>>WHAT IS #MMM really about ???

#MMM is a unique concept from @SulcataEnt || It is a roof-breaking & explosive Valentine’s Day Campus Rave Party, tagged “MEET, MATCH & MAKE” thus “MMM”

Through the help of our Campus Ambassadors and Reps, we have decided to bring together d Freshest Guys & Chics from “13+ Campuses” in d south-west to party in a unique Venue, all in One Night. Continue reading

“Wrapped In It” Valentine Special

Valentine’s Day is coming up; it is that time to prove to your girl how much you love her and how romantic you can be. But you are too stressed out or too clueless to think about what to get her to make her happy and you can’t decide not to get her anything and hope she understands because you know she won’t. So right now you are in a bit of a fix, but no need to worry or panic cause “wrapped in it” has your back with our awesome Valentine’s Day packages. Continue reading

My First Lesbian Experience (EROTIC)

This Just Came In, From One of Our Readers In The U.S, ENJOY!!

It’s a Saturday night and I have no plans. I sit in front of the television, turning it on and go through the channels finding something interesting to watch. I stop surfing when I come across a porn. Feeling depress and lonely, I start watching it.

On a plush cream color love seat in my long red night shirt, one leg bent and prop up, I have a blue plastic bowl of popcorn snuggle between me, watching a good raunchy porn. I must have been too engrossed in the show when the guy starts putting the woman’s legs over his shoulders and eats her pussy out because I didn’t hear the door open.

My roommate Cassandra walks into the room, takes off her coat and places it over the shopping bag she brings in and put it on the floor. Cassandra is a busty, petite woman who is rumoured to be a lesbian. However Continue reading

My Boyfriend’s Bestfriend (EROTIC)

I am yet to recover from what happened last weekend. Oh well. I used to be a size 12 and one day I Woke up nd Tah-Dah decided I wanted to be a sexy size 8. After 4 months of painful dieting and rigorous exercises, I got the figure I wanted.

This is where my problem started from. Only if I knew what havoc this will bring to me, #sigh. Okay so my new sexy shape was doing me anyhow, I told my boyfriend we should organise a get together with his friends nd their girlfriends. I picked a hotel that had a very nice swimming pool, by the way I don’t know how to swim, infact I have never entered a pool before, But just to show my sexy self in bikini and all that. He agreed with me cos he felt that was an opportunity to spend time with me. That weekend came, I was so exicted, packed my stuffs nd left hostel by 6pm, my boyfriend and his friends came to pick me up. We left in a convo nd they picked up their Continue reading

(NEWS) Michelle Obama Kisses Beyonce?

My favorite part of Inauguration Day? It wasn’t President Obama saying his vows or any of the poetry or musical acts. It was Michelle Obama kissing Beyonce! Check out the picture below to see what I mean.

Michelle Obama is a powerful woman. That fact makes her even more sexier than she already is.

Beyonce doesn’t need any power to be sexy. Beyonce has sexiness oozing out of her pores. Being able to kiss the most powerful women in the world is something even Beyonce couldn’t turn down.

Here is the Michelle Obama kissing Beyonce picture: Continue reading

Lady Exercises For A Bigger Butt

If you’ve gone sick and tired of having buttocks that are way too small for the kind of body that you have, don’t be disheartened because there are many exercises for the butt that are known to help increase its size. Of course, surgeries can provide instantaneous results but for those who don’t have enough funds to undergo such  procedures, exercises for the glutes are enough—anyway, the result is just one and the same, which is to get bigger buttocks. It’s not practical these days to spend on buttocks augmentation considering the economic crisis that we’re going through. Here go some of the most Continue reading